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Aug 7, 2013 2:00am EDT
. white why with the book is "whitey bulger: "america's most wanted" gangster. "we have a few minutes for questions. we have to use the mic. >> was whitey and his brother fans of -- hicks. since he was a reader did he read the book about his the that covered boston during the heyday? common ground? did he express and opinion? >> i believe he did. and yes, they were big fans of hicks. and there was a book when he went on the -- run the fbi seized belongings. a teacher had written. i'm not sure -- i don't think common ground was among those. he read all of those and wrote about how much he hated -- it was interesting in the book she mentions the bombing of the jfk birthplace. they found whitey's copy of the book. next to the section he writes in the margin of the book, too bad ted wasn't in the house mary joe would have been happy. you know. >> nice guy. >> he would make a great -- [inaudible] >> your book shows us truth is stranger than fiction. i think the soprano is nothing unwhat this could be if we were watching it. i want you to ask you step away from the role of author and how cl
Aug 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
of health in america. we had -- been a governor, only nine months prior to that time, i saw a tremendous opportunity, and omb really didn't care that much about what i was doing over the department. so they gave me a lot of flexibility to build the local and state public health system. so we put a tremendous amount of money and the. and anthrax game and then, of course, everybody was worried about the threats came. and since homeland security had not been created yet, department of health and human services was the place to go. so everybody gave us pretty much a blank check to develop the public health system, the vaccine system. would not spent any money on food safety. and if you ever correctly, i was very passionate about try to protect our food safety because i figured that was the next place. we're only spending about $200 billion on food safety all over america. and we are supposed to protect, we had 80% of the food coming in that was under our jurisdiction. so you can see a tremendous possibility for threat. and also for any kind of terrorist action. so we would put a lot of money
Aug 6, 2013 6:00am EDT
of the alienation of black america from white america. so he knows. if he is outrageous and people attack him, there will be a tendency to support him. because he is now being deleted by the very people who are being viewed as the people who are oppressing. he would make these outrageous comments, he would be attacked and they would come into town without advertising a draw 20,000 people to a rally because people were rallying around the attacked brother. it's much the same in the arab world. when saddam hussein was making bold and outrageous comments, he was praying on the alienation and the frustration and anger of people who feel that their history is out of control, that they are being beleaguered by the west, that they have no ability to shape their destiny. and so here's this guy standing up and defending them. james baker understood that. in 1991, he spoke before congressional testimony and said why don't we do this? why don't we do that? james baker said understand, what saddam is doing is praying on arab alienation. we have to recognize that and work to win public opinion over. he un
Aug 8, 2013 6:00am EDT
. thank you and god bless america. >> i think we go we go inside ? >> we have a signing station set in the air conditioning. >> it's in air conditioning. >> those of us in wool are looking forward to the air conditioning. >> you do that. you're the boss. i'm just the passenger. college is nice, isn't it? >> we will take a moment and get ourselves oriented. we are leaving downtown gettysburg. the train will be moving in a westerly direction. >> does this train go parallel to the route that he came down or hill came down? i think so. you may want to get on and explain that at some point or have bill do it. you do have a narration? you may want to have somebody actually do the narration if that makes sense. >> it was just over that hill where the fighting took place very early in the morning july 1, 1863. >> i think either you or bill should give the narration. bill knows vastly more about the details than i do. but it's your train. i will say something general. >> walk through the park. hi, how are you? good. aren't you wa-good. aren't you warm? >> very warm, sir. >> saw you on bill o
Aug 2, 2013 6:00am EDT
. and if they dorvisor no, that's important to america's safety and security so what is that this one action you take at that point? >> first i would like to see a source with training and education. we have put together office of training and workforce engagement a very robust, ethics and integrity training program. and also a training program for entire workforce. because that's a we get to an efficient workforce in future, high-performance workforce. we have put together a very substantial required training that all tsos have to go through. >> how do you train -- i'm baffled. how to train one to know to call their supervisor and tell him i'm not going to be a work or i may be late? >> it is commonsense. and i would tell you that we have ethics training. we have integrity training. we have situational training on videos for our people. we're trying to train a workforce of about 47,000 screeners, and they have to do the job and have to be trained. they get in on an annual basis. we distrusted it would but messages. i want to you on the issue of tardiness, you're right. i'm not going to disagree with
Aug 7, 2013 7:30am EDT
with these cuts that would no longer seem to be possible. meaning, america's defense strategy would have to be radically altered. so what to do. in a macro and micro sense. we've asked too highly respected defense and budgetary experts to explain reality and options to us. they are mackenzie eaglen, a resident fellow at the american enterprise institute, and if i got this right, during the last presidential campaign she helped governor romney. but the governor's loss should in no way be ascribed to mackenzie. [laughter] our other expert is michael o'hanlon, a senior fellow here at brookings, and though he has written many books most recently author of "healing the wounded giant." recently, our panelists co-authored an op-ed in the "wall street journal" urging congress to reverse sequestration or watch the nation's military readiness go into a decline. mackenzie, why don't we start with you, and then we'll go on to mike, then i'll ask you both a couple of questions, then we'll go to the audience, and we're going to finish at 11:30. so ma kenzie, please. >> good morning. thank you so much
Aug 3, 2013 2:00am EDT
and the natural resources committee will hold a joint session on the state of america's infrastructure. ..
Aug 6, 2013 2:00am EDT
it relative to the decline in the middle east and also we have been the beneficiary of america is ongoing decline in the middle east is the islamic republic of iran. if you are not sure you agree with these propositions of want to ask you to prepare their relative position of the united states and the islamic republic of vibration in the mideast today with where they were even with 9/11 just over 10 years ago. on the eve of 9/11, every single government in the middle east was every'' one dash pro-american dash egypt and turkey are in negotiations to become pro-american like syria or libya or the taliban government in afghanistan are staying in iraq every single government was either pro-american in negotiations it to become pro-american or anti-iranian that is a good position for the united states in the middle east. but because of elections today governments across the middle east in egypt egypt, tunisia, libya, leban on egypt, tunisia, libya, lebanon,, they're all though longer pro-american or anti-iranian. they are all pursuing a least, at least independent forum policies which are by
Aug 8, 2013 2:00am EDT
realities of race in america not justice harry ofmbre their behavior but they're human this for their refusal and a failure to recognize anhumanity oand humanity of all people of as a steady foundation for every caste system that has ever existed in the united states or anywhere else in the world.worl. i firmly believe not just mass incarceration or the, war on drugs but to end the itsc history and cycle of caste in america because then and then only then can we say with pride that we are finally catching up with king. thank you so much for having me tonight. [applause] [cheers and applause]y. >> let me take a moment here. we will take some questionsake m the folks want to ask questions we have a microphone over here zero orre and a do y their. . . >> is this on? okay. you made a believer out of me. interestingly i hear our incarceration rates are higher than what north korea reports. see we are the world leader in imprisonment. >> my question is him on nondrug-related incarceration incarcerations is there still a racial bias? >> well, there are right and racial biases
Aug 1, 2013 2:00am EDT
're for or against the law does not matter. we have a way things work and his wonderful system in america. the legislative branch rice pilaf and opprobrious the dollars. the executive branch carries up alliance has the dollars. when the executive branch is not do with the legislative branch says every having an unconstitutional fashion. >> they're certainly not discharging their obligations. >> let me go back. again, you talked about this several times, but i would like to hammer this point home, interpreting statutes, the first thing you look at is the clear language. tell me how these five words are taken out of context, exchange established by the state. >> i don't think that when that phrase is used repeatedly, not just once, in multiple places, that it can be meeting anything other than what it clearly says. and if the defining of terms is as important as mr. lazarus says it is in the fact that state is a defined term in the statute should be just as important as his emphasis on the word exchange. >> the other side is accused republicans of sabotaging the law, working against the law
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)